Strategic Visual Content for Investor Communications

Why visual content matters in mining

Most people are overloaded with written communications they have no time to read. We create unique, custom visuals that strategically highlight the unique advantages of your project. Visual content can help you meet the information needs of your audience, while respecting their time and creating a lasting impression.

How we can help

We specialize in project location maps, geology maps, mining diagrams, flowsheet schematics, geological cross sections, and infographics, with a focus on investor communications and marketing. Instead of using your field geology map or engineering drawing, let us transform that information into an accessible and engaging piece of visual communication to meet the needs of today’s audiences.

Visual content can ensure your news releases are well-received and grab attention, clarify complex topics in presentations and technical reports, and be used in social media to increase engagement.

infrastructure area play map.jpg

Mapping and data research services for mining

Our location analytics and mapping services for mining companies let you strategically show the area around your project for news releases and investor presentations.

You provide the coordinates and the outlines of your claims data, and we provide the analytical GIS and mapping services, including:

  • GIS research and analysis of data relevant to your project: geological features such as mineralized belts, nearby mines and deposits, historical mines

  • Available infrastructure: rail, highways, population centres, electrical power, etc

Once we have your mining project data, we can create a branded map progression, a series of custom maps as a clear, logical progression that start with the project location globally, before zooming in to a localized area map, including local geology, tenement boundary, historical context, and local infrastructure maps. We then finish with detailed drill plan maps and sections showing completed or future work.

Our mining maps are tailored to meet your specific communication goals.

flowsheet schematic.jpg

Schematic mine design and site plans/layouts

Simplified mine site plans help show land use, the scale and technical features of the future project, and the exploration upside. They can show innovative technology used to meet environmental regulations and connections to infrastructure.

Mining Schematic banner.jpg

Mining schematics, diagrams and cutaway cross-sections

The best way to give investors an in-depth understanding of the intricate geological or technical details of a mining or exploration project is through 3D schematics and 3D models, including:

  • Isometric schematics

  • Mining diagrams

  • Cutaway cross-sections

  • 3D geological cross-sections with satellite topography

These types of mining illustrations are perfect for projects that feature an innovative technology or less common mining method that needs more explanation. These mining and exploration diagrams can focus only on the elements that matter to help explain to investors not only how something works and what it looks like, but also where the value lies.

geological cross-section banner.jpg

Idealized geological cross-sections

Not all geological cross-sections are created equal. An expertly edited and crafted cross- or long-section enhances understanding and impact of your drill results. We take your field geologists’ rough cross-section drawings or sketches and transform them into an eye-catching piece of visual content that increases engagement with your next news release or investor presentation.

mining flowsheet.jpg

Mining process flowsheet

A flowsheet shows the extraction process and mineral processing in simplified terms. The goal is to create a compact visual, featuring only major components, that is easy to follow and understand.

Once an exploration project has advanced to the mine planning stage, it’s helpful to show investors a simplified mineral extraction and processing flowchart. This illustrates that the company is moving toward production.

The drawings provided by an engineering firm are rarely suitable for investors and stakeholders. We analyze and heavily edit the flowsheets to show only the essential elements of the planned operation, and include custom icons consistent with your brand.

infographic for metrics for mining companies.jpg

Investor presentation content  

Research shows that after three days visuals have 50% message retention, compared to bullet points at only 10%. In addition, people process images thousands of times faster than text. When investors and stakeholders see your presentation, you want them to engage with the content and form a strong positive opinion of your company as quickly as possible.

Instead of long bullet point lists and paragraphs of text, communicate important information through visual content that lets your audience understand your message and form an opinion much faster.

Investor presentations are the core tool in the Investor Relations toolbox. It pays to make the entire presentation as visual as possible making your story clearer and more engaging.

Other visual content for mining companies includes:

  • Infographics to communicate a lot of information in a streamlined and eye-catching way, such as market trends for a commodity, a timeline, benefits, research, or the life cycle of your future mine.

  • Graphs and charts that communicate key data insights and trends, and show success stories in a visual way to make an instant impact.