Cut-away illustration of deposit development plan for Denison Mines

This is a great example of a cut-away cross-section. In this type of graphic we remove the layers of geology so the viewer can peek into the earth in a completely unrealistic way. These are some of our favourite projects to work on – it's technical and artistic at the same time. 

Cut-away mining cross section.jpg

The client needed to explain how both deposits will be mined as a single operation. One of the deposits is located above the unconformity, in the soft sandstone and will be mined with the help if the "freeze tent". The other deposit, below the unconformity, will be mined conventionally. We requested as much available info as possible and received various cross sections and models.

Various figures supplied by the client

Various figures supplied by the client

We then do a line drawing and go trough multiple rounds of revisions to arrive at the final drawing.

Deposit development sketch.jpg

First we do a simple pencil sketch to confirm with the client that we are on the right track. The sketch gets revised as per the feedback from the client’s technical team.

3D model Deposit development Phoenix Gryphon draft.jpg

Vectorized 3D draft with colours, but without shading and textures is sent for approval before final shading is added.

3D model mining development.jpg

Final 3D model illustrated with shading and surface detail. Annotations are the last step left after that.